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The launch party of Bulles magazine!

It was held on Thursday, October 18 in the Mezzanine room of the Ivorian employers' headquarters and kept all its promises.  The idea of this launch party was to present, of course, the magazine to the guests  (school principals, journalists, business leaders, families and loved ones, etc.)  but also to challenge them on the issue of the transmission of African cultural heritage to new generations. 
  evening  started  so with the provision of  traditional singers  Senoufos called  Karpatchans  to welcome the participants, appreciated moment  by the assembly  which does not have  ceased  to take pictures and make  videos.
Next, the Director of Vowels
  Editions, Madam  adja  soro  at  present  the company and the origin of the Bulles magazine concept.
  this illustrates it  writer  Joshua  Guebo, professor in  philosophy  and  panafricanist  accomplished, has  maintained  with the guests on the question of the importance of identity  cultural. 
Then there was the broadcast of a video produced by Voyelles Éditions to children on their perception of Africa.
  The congregation was moved by the children's responses and then by the impact of reading the magazine on them.
Comes the time of the tale!
  Each participant having  received  small individual packets of African delicacies, had the latitude to savor them in  listening  Sultan's Story  Njoya,  personality  honored in the  number  1 of Bubbles magazine.
Finally came the cocktail.
  Moment of exchange and return on a warm cultural evening.

Back in pictures!

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