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Voyelles Editions, an ambitious house...

"  Because conveying the right message to children is essential,
because today's children will be the decision makers of tomorrow's Africa, because cultural heritage is a precious gift, the essence of our identity, because to know its history is to free oneself from the chains of past, understand its present and build its own future, because Bulles is the story of Africa, my story, your story.







Adja Mariam Soro,  

Director of Voyelles Editions  



Voyelles is an Ivorian publishing house created in 2015. Convinced that quality writing and education are a lever for development, our mission is to promote African culture by offering new cultural content for children. Each of our products is intended to be a real educational tool adopted by children, parents and also by teachers. Our business objective is to position ourselves at the forefront of the youth literary revolution in Africa within 5 years.

Our mission

We set ourselves the objectives of:

-- Communicate to children the desire to read, share, and play with our African heroes,

-- Give children a more rewarding image of Africa,

-- Help them to forge an identity  strong culture, 

-- Produce fun and cultural content rooted in the contemporary world, mainly for children.

Our vision

Our vision is to change the narrative about Africa and lead new generations to  become aware of the intrinsic value  of their heritage.

We want the children of today, who will be the decision makers  of tomorrow's Africa, be proud of their identity  culture and their origins. 

Our values

Our values are Responsibility ,  C reativity and Sharing at the service of children.

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